Infant Program

Infant Program

6 weeks–15 months

Poko Loko offers full-time infant care starting as early as 6 weeks of age. Ratios are kept low, one caregiver per four infants. Parents need to provide diapers and wipes of their choice, as well as pre-made bottles (breast milk or formula),  their own formula that we mix up, or choose our center provided formula (which is the Sam's Club Members Mark). As your infant grows older, Poko Loko will provide Gerber cereals, Gerber foods, and other nutritious meals. Each infant room is unique and fundamentally appropriate for your infant’s developing needs.

Infant Program

Daily Love & Care

From the moment your baby arrives, love and gentle care is what they receive. Most babies are on their own schedules. This means that whatever your baby’s needs may be, we are there to provide and care for them. When hungry–babies are fed, when sleepy–babies are tucked in, when wet or poopy–babies are changed. Most of all, babies are loving so we return their favor with lots more love.

Our Space

    • Wheeling Infant #1
      Wheeling Infant #1
    • Wheeling Infant #2
      Wheeling Infant #2
    • Wheeling Infant #3
      Wheeling Infant #3
    • Wheeling Infant #4
      Wheeling Infant #4


  • Our infant ratio is four infants with one caregivers; each room holds up to twelve infants with three caregivers.

  • As a baby gets older and is ready to move up to the next room, he will visit that room for little periods of time to slowly get used to it. More often than not babies are ready to move up. We talk to the parents before a child moves up and let them know about any changes in the new room. We also let them know how their little one is doing during his visits to the new room.

  • Each baby has her own crib; the babies do not share cribs. We provide the linens and we wash them in Dreft laundry soap at least twice a week.

  • Our babies sleep on their backs as is recommended to help prevent SIDS. If a baby is old enough to roll over to his tummy to sleep, he can then sleep this way.

  • The teachers keep a daily log for each infant. As a parent you then take this log home when you pick up your child. Reading this form and talking with the teachers helps parents to know what happened during their child’s day.

  • Poko Loko does not schedule your baby’s day. We ask the parents about feedings and nap times, and we try to follow this schedule. Parents are asked to let us know about any changes or additions (such as adding baby foods, etc.), and we let the parents know how the schedule is working.

  • Parents can provide the bottles or formula and we provide the baby foods. We supply Gerber cereals and jarred foods. The jarred foods include fruits, vegetables, and dinners in stages 1 and 2. The formula our center provides is the Sam's Club Members Mark. We also supply table foods that we add to the baby’s diet at the parents’ instruction. For our one-year-olds we offer whole milk.

  • Each room has a crock-pot that is used to warm the bottles; the bottles are not microwaved. The bottles are stored in a refrigerator until they are used.

  • Parents who provide fresh bottles filled with formula or breast milk every day. We ask that you also leave with us either a small can of formula or some frozen breast milk in case a day comes that your baby is extra hungry. Parents also provide diapers, wipes, and any diaper lotion that may be needed. We will inform you when your supply is running low.


Everyday a special little baby log is kept. Every parent receives this upon pick-up of your child. On this log you will find little tidbits about your baby’s wonderful day at Poko Loko including information regarding meals, diapering, naps, mood, and little notes about baby’s fun that day. Your baby’s caregivers are also always available for supportive feedback about your child. Parents are always welcome and even encouraged to visit your child during the day.